Nazca Lines

Adventure Holidays to the Nazca Lines

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No adventure holiday in Peru is complete without exploring the Nazca Lines. They are an awe-inspiring collection of over 300 figures that includes a whale, a condor, snake, llama, spider and a flower. All super sized, etched into the sprawling Peruvian desert and only visible from the sky.

Thousands of years old, we don’t know who made them, we don’t know why and we don’t even know how the ancient artists in question were able to view them without aircraft. The Nazca Lines are one massive, marvelous mystery.

One of the most elaborate drawings is the 45 meter long spider. Drawn in one continuous line it is styled on a minuscule Amazonian species that is only a 1cm long and found 1000km away on the other side of the Andes. Figure that one.


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